I'm Noel McDonogh

With many years of flight time and experience I am in the unique position to be able to train you as a light aircraft pilot. This is my opportunity to give you your wings. There is nothing like souring with the eagles! The feeling of that rush of air and calmness of being high up above ground level can not be explained, it needs to be felt.

Noel McDonogh Is a Grade “A” Instructor with RAASA on Light sport aircraft, weight shift controlled microlights and  conventional controlled microlights. Noel has weight shift controlled microlights open and test pilot rating.

Noel Started flying hang gliders in 1993 and continued his hang gliding flying in Gauteng and Cape Town where he was based with the Air force. Noel participated in numerous hang gliding competitions in Cape Town (Porterville) Gauteng (Hartebeesport Dam) and Nelspruit (Ngadwona) and came 2nd in SA Nationals in Graaf Reinet in 2000. Noel has accumulated +/- 1000 hang gliding hours.

In 2003 Noel then started powered hang gliding for an advertising company of which took him round the country. Noel accumulated +/- 250 powered hang gliding hours.

Noel Started microlighting towards the end of 2003 in Lamercy with Dave Daniels, then moved up to Pietermaritzburg where he continued his microlighting through Cato Flying School with Wayne Bond. He obtained his “C” grade microlight instructors rating from Geoff Dyer at Light Flight. Noel then moved to Light Flight where obtained his “B” grade instructor rating and now an “A” grade instructor on Light sport aircraft, weight shift controlled microlights and  conventional controlled microlights. In 2008, Noel had the opportunity to go to Jordan where he taught members, from the Royal Aero sports club of Jordan, to fly weight shift controlled microlights.

Noel has over 3200 hours PIC on Light sport aircraft, 2500 hrs instruction on Light sport aircraft and CCM and 1200hrs instruction on weight shift control microlights to date. With all his ratings he will be able to assist you in conversions to different types and categories of aircraft.